Pier Carlo Penta Trio Project,Pier Carlo Penta
Pier Carlo Penta


He's a multi skilled artist who has been working in the music industry for decades. 

He's a pianist, composer and arranger who began his classic training at the Conservatory of Florence. He's also a well experienced live and studio sound engineer. In the years he has worked with the best Italian artists, in recording studio and live performances. After all these experiences he decided to compose his own music, form a trio band and perform his own compositions live.


Music collaborations:


Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, PFM, F.Concato, A.Branduardi Cristiano De Andrè, E.Bennato,

V. Rossi, G.Grignani, A.Venditti.

Recording session with London Simphony at Olimpic Studios and Metropolis Studios  London with: Tony Cousins, Jan Cooper and John Jacob.

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Daniele Marzi


Started playing the drums at the age of fifteen at the “ Musical Institute” of his town, and then joined the youth jazz band of the school.

He continued his studies with M° Glauco Oleandri and, at the same time attended several workshops ( Elvis Jones, Billy Cobham, Kim Plainfield, Massimo Manzi...).

At Saint Louise Jazz School in Rome he studied with Claudio Mastracci, Marcello Rosa, Stefano Sabatini, Claudio Colasazza, Eddy Palermo and he also studied  harmony and arrangements with Amedeo Tommasi.

Jazz :    Ambassador Jazz Band,Gospel Jazz Machine

Blues:   Blues Gravity,Umberto Porcaro,Egidio Ingala.

Jazz/Funk:  Von Washington,Lavalamp,Sam Gambarini,Sam Paglia.

Recording session: Bmg,Cinedelic,Interno4 Nda Press,Sony Italia.

He plays in jazz, blues, funk, samba jazz, busker bands in Italy, Switzerland and Germany 

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